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Melania Trump departs for Mar-a-Lago as shutdown looms

Melania Trump departs for Mar-a-Lago as shutdown looms

Melania and her son Baron will spend their Christmas holiday without father who stays at the White House because of the government crisis.

The looming government shutdown caused by the US-Mexico wall discussions made President Trump cancel his family trip to Mar-a-Lago.

It is pretty possible that Melania and Baron Trump will spend the Christmas holiday possibly without Donald this year. He was supposed to leave for his Florida resort Friday but cancelled as the government looked likely to shut down at midnight. The issue of Mexico-US border is too important, so, only two of three Trumps went to Florida so far.

“We’re going to have a shutdown. There’s nothing we can do about that because we need the Democrats to give us their votes. Call it a Democrat shutdown. Call it whatever you want. But we need their help to get this approved,” Trump said in a video message late Friday.

“It has long been the family’s tradition to spend their Christmas holiday at Mar-a-Lago. Her plans to travel with her son to their Florida home for his winter break have not changed this year,” FLOTUS ’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, told.

According to the original schedule of holidays, the president was expected to spend 16 days at the Florida golf club. Donald Trump likes to refer this place to as the Winter White House and hoped to spend over there four more than he did last year. The presidential initial plans had him returning to the capital Jan. 6, three days after Democrats retake the majority in the House.

Meanwhile, being a member of the first family, Melania Trump must fly on government aircraft, which is operated by the military. Baron and Melania hop that President may still make the trip at a later time.