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Melania Trump visits Tokyo school

Melania Trump visits Tokyo school

Melania Trump started her next official visit, the first lady accompanies President Trump on the longest Asian tour. On Monday, Mrs Trump visited Tokyo school.

The U.S. First Lady Melania Trump was warmly welcomed at a Tokyo elementary school where she learned a lot about traditional Japanese calligraphy. In the calligraphy class, she wrote the first Chinese letter of “peace” with the help of kids.

Both first ladies, American and Japanese, came to the elementary school and about 300 children welcomed them with a school song. Mrs Trump was in a very good mood, she not only posed for photos, shook hands but slapped high fives with the kids.

The presidential couple arrived Tokyo on Sunday. Trump, Abe and their wives stood in a grand plaza outside the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo on Monday as the Japanese Self-Defense Forces honour guard played music.

Akie Abe took Melania Trump to a jewellery shop in downtown Tokyo where they learned about the history of pearls. For Melania who ran the own jewellery business, this lection was very useful and interesting. Then both women had a private dinner with their husbands at a Japanese steakhouse.

Donal Trump’s agenda in Tokyo

On Monday, President Trump says he is making “tremendous progress” in talks with Japan. According to POTUS, their conversation on trade and North Korea was a fruitful and perspective. He cited progress “on trade in particular,” the details will be revealed during a news conference with Abe later Monday.

Trump says he wants to make the U.S. the most attractive place for local companies to hire, invest and grow.

Prime minister Abe also said they had an “in-depth” discussion and he looked forward to continuing the conversation after he offered his condolences after a mass shooting at a Texas church.