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Melania Trump vs Claire Underwood: House of Cards dictates the style

Melania Trump vs Claire Underwood: House of Cards dictates the style

Melania Trump and Claire Underwood are both presidents’ wives with one difference: Claire is a fictional character. Despite this, actress’ wardrobe is just amazing! The fashion critics say that House of Cards dictates the style to the real first lady of the US. 

The hit Netflix drama House of Cards returns, we will be able to see its fifth series on May 30, Tuesday. While the top world leaders like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump consider the TV series as a factual programme, women are eager to know what the new dresses and images will show Claire Underwood.

Netflix drama’s FLOTUS, Claire Underwood, is set to offer up dozens of new takes on power dressing.

But with all that’s been happening in real world politics since we last saw Claire, played by Robin Wright, and her husband Francis, played by Kevin Spacey, it would be hard not to draw some parallels between what’s happening on and off of our screens.

Melania Trump sometimes looks like Claire Underwood

Melania Trump is partial to many of the same power dressing techniques as her TV drama counterpart is renowned for – right down to the sharp Christian Louboutin heels. Our gallery offers to compare several cases of wardrobe plagiarise.

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As a matter of fact, the stylist of the first lady is aimed at the elegance of the look, the same approach we can see in House of Cards – Claire’s character looks amazing, classy and naturally. Probably, the mix of these features is able to add a zest to every outfit of any first lady of the world.

So far, Netflix offers to appreciate new intrigues of Frank and new outfits of Claire in the season 5 of House of Cards. The release date is May 30, 2017, do not miss. The TV series gains the popularity season by seasons, the critics have already called this drama a real breakdown of modern politics. And fashion, of course!