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Melania Trump will wear Ralph Lauren at inauguration

Melania Trump will wear Ralph Lauren at inauguration

Melania Trump and Hillary Clinton both like the American designer Ralph Lauren. The soon-to-be first lady decided to wear his dress at the ceremony of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

On 20 January, whole America will watch the event of the year–an inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Consequently, Melania Trump must look mega stylish if she intends to overshadow Michelle Obama. In this complex and challenging task, Melania decided to vouch for support of designer Ralph Lauren.

According to Daily Mail, Mr Lauren is the latest frontrunner in the race to design Melania Trump’s inauguration outfit. It is worth to note, that Melania wore a $4,000 white Ralph Lauren pantsuit on Election Night. It looked gorgeous but was totally wrong chosen–in the terms of that political event. Despite all this, Melania looked cool and bright, have to say.

Melania Trump

For the ceremony on 20 January, Ralph Lauren decided to create a gown and an ensemble, the colour is still unknown. The inauguration will gather a lot of people, online viewers and offline guest, so, Melania has no right for the fashion mistake from now.

The inauguration as the most important event for the first ladies

In 2009, Barack Obama’s inauguration auditory was about 37.8 million viewers. The author of Michelle Obama’s yellow dress and the coat was Isabel Toledo, a non-mainstream designer with 25 years of experience. Being wore bright and stylish ensemble, Michelle was understanding very well that an inauguration ceremony is the most important event for her as the first lady of the US.

Mrs Trump planned to wear the Ralph Lauren outfit during the day and change into the gown for the evening’s celebrations, which include a 1,500-people candlelight dinner at Union Station Thursday.