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Melania Trump’s stunning yellow dress for Indian PM Narendra Modi

Melania Trump’s stunning yellow dress for Indian PM Narendra Modi

Melania Trump stepped out Monday wearing a bright yellow Emilio Pucci gown that retails for $2,160. The fashion critics applauded the first lady of the US for her stepping out her zone comfort and wearing such a vibrant colors.

The first lady at last moved into the White House and charmed with her Pucci dress everyone who was greeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Monday, she wore a bright yellow Emilio Pucci gown to greet Indian guest during his visit to the White House.

Melania and Donald Trump

Mr Modi paid a visit the US President for his first face-to-face meeting with the new residents of the White House. Melania effortlessly wore the belted floral-print crepe gown and was all smiles once Modi arrived outside the South Portico of the White House.

President Donald Trump joked during the greeting ceremony that he and Modi are both ‘world leaders in social media’. Both men hold the joint news statement that served as an interlude to an Oval Office meeting and a dinner.

Modi and TrumpMelania was looking gorgeous, her dress was well-balanced with the dark classic suit of her husband and black caftan of Indian PM. Tall and beautiful first lady looks extremely elegant and stylish. Even the fans of her predecessor, Michelle Obama, have to agree that Mrs Trump opts the really stunning and elegant dresses for her official events.