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Meloni stated the need to continue to support Ukraine.

Meloni stated the need to continue to support Ukraine.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni said it was necessary to continue to support Ukraine, because, in her opinion, Moscow “does not show a great desire for negotiations.”

“It is worth continuing to support Ukraine, because the opportunity to open the table (negotiations) can arise only on the basis of the balance of power on the field,” she said in an interview.

Meloni also pointed to the important role of China, noting that she discussed the topic with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“I spoke with Xi about the importance that China can have in maintaining an active diplomatic channel with Moscow. We also frankly told each other that Italy and China are two very distant states, but they have thousands of years of history behind them, which can allow dialogue, even despite deep differences,” the prime minister said.

On Tuesday, the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament begins discussing the issue of continuing to provide comprehensive, including military, assistance to Ukraine in 2023. The country’s leading opposition forces have already presented their resolutions on this issue. The document of the alliance of the left and the “greens” proposes to stop sending weapons to Kyiv. The resolution of the “5 Star Movement” provides for the need to pass decisions on new supplies to Ukraine through Parliament every time.

The parliamentarians of the “Brothers of Italy” and the “League” presented on Monday in the Senate of the Republic an amendment to the decree being discussed there on a number of issues not related to Ukraine, which provides for the continuation of arms supplies to Kyiv next year. It is proposed to make the following addition to the text of the decree: “Until December 31, the permission to transfer military equipment, materials and equipment in favor of the government authorities of Ukraine has been extended.”