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Member of the Bundestag called the reason for the surge of Russophobia in Germany

Member of the Bundestag called the reason for the surge of Russophobia in Germany

Outbursts of Russophobia in Germany are associated with the country’s ongoing policy and with the injection in the pro-government media, according to the Bundestag deputy and the representative of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) faction on Russian Germans Yevgeny Schmidt.

“These outbursts of Russophobia are, of course, connected with the ongoing current politics and with the injection through the pro-government media,” the deputy said.

The deputy noted that at the moment, discrimination against Russian Germans and the Russian-speaking population in Germany is an internal political phenomenon.

He also expressed confidence that cultural exchanges and culture in general should remain out of politics. “But here it remains to wish sanity to our politicians, who are trying to impose their political agenda in culture, education, and everyday life. I consider this unacceptable,” the agency’s interlocutor added.

Earlier, the deputy said that in June of this year, a decision was made in Germany to create an NGO that would deal with the problem of discrimination against the Russian-speaking population in Germany and provide them with comprehensive support, including legal support. Schmidt became deputy head of this organization. Now it is undergoing the necessary registration procedure with the German state authorities.

When asked whether representatives of the new NGO plan to interact with the Russian side on cases of discrimination against Russian speakers, the deputy answered in the negative. “At the moment, we consider this a domestic political phenomenon,” Schmidt said.