Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

Members of parliament increased their salaries in Georgia.

Members of parliament increased their salaries in Georgia.

On Wednesday, the Parliament of Georgia, in the third reading, adopted amendments to the regulations by a majority vote, according to which the salaries of deputies are almost doubled.

80 parliamentarians voted in support of the changes. The meeting of the legislative body was broadcast live on Georgian television companies.

The amendments, which are available on the parliament website, indicate that for a deputy who does not hold any position in parliament, the salary will increase from 4,624 lari to 8,250 lari (from 1.7 thousand dollars to three thousand dollars). A deputy holding the position of deputy chairman of the committee will receive 8,500 lari instead of 4,740 lari (instead of 1.77 thousand dollars – 3.1 thousand dollars), and the first deputy of the committee will receive 8,750 lari instead of 4,800 (3.2 thousand dollars instead of 1.8 thousands). The salary of the committee chairman and faction chairman will increase from 5,540 lari (about two thousand dollars) to 9,000 lari (more than 3.3 thousand dollars). Also, the salary of the chairman of the legislative body will increase; now the speaker of parliament will receive 10 thousand lari instead of 6,740 ($3.7 thousand instead of 2.5 thousand).

The changes will come into force on January 1, 2025 for deputies of the parliament of the new convocation. Parliamentary elections will be held in Georgia in the fall of 2024.