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Merkel approved strict Easter lockdown to fight ‘new pandemic’

Merkel approved strict Easter lockdown to fight ‘new pandemic’

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel warned people that the country enters strict lockdown to fight the ‘new pandemic’.

As the top german official explained, extending the existing lockdown includes keeping cultural, leisure and sporting facilities shut through to April 18. During recent marathon talks with regional leaders, Ms Merkel and 16 state premiers agreed to a tougher shutdown between April 1 and 5.

Five days over Easter will protect germans from a “new pandemic”, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday. Almost all shops will be closed during the five days, and religious services will be moved online over Easter. Only grocers will be allowed to open on Saturday, April 3.

“The situation is serious. Case numbers are rising exponentially and intensive care beds are filling up again,” warned Merkel.

The so-called British strain has become the dominant variant circulating in Germany, so, Merkel strongly believes “we are in a new pandemic.”