Today: Thursday, 30 May 2024 year

Meta was fined a million dollars a day in Norway.

Meta was fined a million dollars a day in Norway.

A trial court in Oslo on Wednesday ordered Meta to pay a daily fine of 1 million crowns (about $93,000) for using the personal data of Norwegian Facebook and Instagram users to advertise.

In July, Datatilsynet, a Norwegian information watchdog, sent Meta a letter demanding that it stop using Norwegians’ personal data for ads based on monitoring user behavior on the web. The service also required the company to pay a daily fine. Meta applied to the court with a request to suspend the accrual of a fine to her until the circumstances were clarified during the trial.

A court in Oslo upheld Datatilsynet’s order.

“The fine began to accrue on August 14, 2023 and amounts to one million crowns for each day until the requirement is fulfilled,” follows from the official court materials in this case.

As the director of Datatilsynet Line Koll said on the official page of the body, the service is “very happy with the court decision and the result, this is a victory in the field of personal data protection.”