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Mexico offers political asylum to Julian Assange

Mexico offers political asylum to Julian Assange

Mexico is ready to open its borders to Julian Assange after London’s High Court judge blocked his extradition to the United States to face espionage charges.

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) hailed the verdict of the British court. The judge rejected the US request to extradite the Australian, calling it a “triumph of justice.” On Monday, Mexico officially announced its readiness to offer political asylum to WikiLeaks founder.

“I’m going to ask the foreign minister to carry out the relevant procedures to request that the UK government releases Mr Assange and that Mexico offers him political asylum,” said Mexico’s President, stressing that Assange deserves a chance.

According to President, Mexico would ensure “that whoever receives asylum does not intervene or interfere in the political affairs of any country.”

Whether 49-year-old Assange joins the list would depend on political pressures and the stances of the various actors and countries with an interest in his fate.

After bitter rejection at the London’s High Court, Washington said it would continue to seek the extradition of WikiLeaks father and the country’s prosecutors are set to appeal Monday’s decision to the British Court.


Assange’s health conditions are not too good

Mr Assange’s mental health is not good after several years of self-isolation at the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK. The defence witnesses called during the hearing said Assange’s history of depression meant he would be at risk of suicide if sent to the U.S. and locked up in a maximum-security prison.

Julian Assange has also complained of hearing imaginary voices and music during his detention. Additionally, it was noted he has a respiratory condition that makes him more vulnerable to COVID-19. Assange and his legal team have long argued the protracted case was politically motivated.

Meantime, the opposition leaders believe that the Mexican president’s decision to welcome Assange is reasonable. It could turn the issue into another potential area of friction with the next Oval Office, the experts said.