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Microsoft co-founder and ‘accidental zillionaire’ Paul Allen has died aged 65

Microsoft co-founder and ‘accidental zillionaire’ Paul Allen has died aged 65

Paul Allen has died aged 65, he was one of Microsoft co-founders. The engineer and billionaire resigned as executive vice president of research and new product development in 1983 after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Paul Allen planned to fight his cancer once again, according to his family. He had received treatment in 2009 for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had announced earlier this month that it had returned. the social media are full of tributes people pay to late Microsoft co-founder.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella wrote: “Paul Allen’s contributions to our company, out industry and to our community are indispensable.”

Allen was known for his own unique quiet and persistent way he created magical products, experiences and institutions. The colleagues remember how much they have learned from Allen– his inquisitiveness, curiosity and push for high standards is something that will continue to inspire.

Paul Allen was known as an “accidental zillionaire” as well. In 2000, he wrote a book, Inside Out: Microsoft in Our Own Words, about the shock he experienced upon being told his oncological diagnosis. According to Allen, to face the mortality at your early 30s immediately makes you feel like you ”should do some of the things that you haven’t done yet.”

Mr Allen was a very rich person but he was also a generous one – he was inclined to donate the majority of their wealth over decades because he strongly believed that “Those fortunate to achieve great wealth should put it to work for the good of humanity.”

Bill Gates: Microsoft would never have happened without Paul

Paul Allen met Bill Gates while they were studying at a private school in Seattle. The two eventually dropped out of university together, later they achieved a breakthrough in 1980 when they were asked by IBM to design the software for their computers. Two unbelievable brains, they bought another developer’s system and refined it into their own. Microsoft was born thanks to these two persons.

Bill Gates remembers Paul Allen: “Microsoft would never have happened without Paul”