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Mike Pence, wife receive COVID-19 vaccine on live TV

Mike Pence, wife receive COVID-19 vaccine on live TV

Mike Pence and his wife got the COVID-19 vaccine on live TV on Friday morning. The US vice-president said he felt nothing and advice Americans to do the same, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Mike Pence who called the anti-coronavirus drug a “medical miracle”, received the shot on live television. Commenting that historical moment, Pence reassured Americans “that hope is on the way”.

Pence acknowledged that “with cases rising across the country, hospitalizations rising across the country, we have a ways to go”.

“Confidence in the vaccine is what brings us here this morning,” the vice-president said in remarks following his vaccination. “I didn’t feel a thing. Well done.”

Karen Pence supported her husband and received the vaccine too. During the televised White House event, the surgeon general, Jerome Adams, also was inoculated.


Dr Fauci praised Pence and said it was “now up to all of us to step forward and get vaccinated”. The public vaccination comes amid concerns the rollout of the drug could be hampered by some people concerned at its quick approval.

Joe Biden scheduled to receive a public vaccination next week.

As of December 18, the US saw 233,271 new cases of the corona and 3,270 deaths, Johns Hopkins University reported.