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Millennials’ dirty little secret: the chairdrobe

Millennials’ dirty little secret: the chairdrobe

Millennials, the adult people with a job and their own flats, are doing the same thing across the country, they are keeping their wardrobe on the chair, Guardian reports. Unilever experts call that daily habit a ‘chairdrobe’ and see in it a ‘universal concept.’

Normally, the chairdrobe is situated in the corner of the bedroom, in fact, that is a chair covered with lightly worn clothes that are too clean to wash but too dirty to put away. Someone calls this pile an “over there” or “mess”, but Unilever has a far fancier name for it. According to Unilever, 60% of millennials have the chairdrobe. It is not too hard to imagine that a few also have hookdrobes and dresserdrobes and maybe even floordrobes.

Laundering and the clothing are together forever, in the modern world, there is a consumer-research-inspired portmanteau there is a product opportunity! Unilever has recently started selling a dry-cleaning spray called Day 2, which claims to help millennials to launder the clothes on their chairdrobes. The spray comes with big promises (“Revive clothes instantly”) and a hefty price tag. A small can that treats 25 clothing items costs £7.50.

Despite the premium price, Unilever thinks there’s a bright future for Day 2.

“We know the chairdrobe is a universal concept … but as we move into a modern age where we’re more time-poor than ever, that’s becoming an even more relevant consumer problem,”

Day 2’s head of marketing, Nathan Olivieri, said.

According to Olivieri, the most reworn item of clothing tends to be jeans. “That’s a high pride point for a lot of millennials, you know, ensuring that their denim is as pristine as possible,” he said. Despite the very weird word, Nathan is right: all the millennials measure their self-worth by how pristine their denim is.