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Minister Chingolani says EC to present gas price ceiling proposal in September

Minister Chingolani says EC to present gas price ceiling proposal in September

The European Commission (EC) will submit a proposal for a gas price ceiling during September. Such terms were announced by the Minister for Ecological Modernization and Transformation of Italy, Roberto Cingolani.

“An option that 15 countries unequivocally supported. The European Commission may consider it later, but in any case during September,” Chingolani said.

He added that German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck supports the introduction of a gas price cap, but the German government considers it important to consider whether “it risks harming any of the member countries.”

At the same time, Chingolani considered that it was pointless to impose a ceiling on prices only for Russian gas.

“There is very little going into Europe now compared to what it was before the conflict. In any case, the signal should be given to all manufacturers,” the minister said.

Earlier it was reported that the EU energy ministers at the meeting disagreed on the introduction of a ceiling on prices for Russian pipeline gas. It was noted that the European Commission was instructed to study the possibility of imposing price restrictions on all types of gas, including liquefied natural gas.


Before that, the head of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the commission intends to propose five measures to the EU countries to normalize the situation on the electricity market, among which will be the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian gas. She also expressed confidence that the European Union should deprive Moscow of income from the sale of gas, which can be spent on military needs.