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Mischa Barton ‘hospitalised for mental evaluation’ after her erratic behaviour

Mischa Barton ‘hospitalised for mental evaluation’ after her erratic behaviour

Mischa Barton confessed she is experiencing the mental health problem, that’s why she agreed voluntarily for the evaluation at the psychiatric clinic. The behaviour of the 32-year-old actress was erratic last weeks, said her family and friends.

Mischa Barton is in the clinic in Hollywood, which is evaluating the status of the mental health of the young actress. Ms Barton was taken over there ‘voluntarily’ after her erratic rants: family and friends were scared with her behaviour.

Mischa Barton willingly went to the psychiatrists because she understood the importance of professional medical assistance. Today, Mischa was photographed in her back garden leaning over the fence while ranting about her mother being a ‘witch’ and claiming that the earth was ‘shattering,’ photos were published in many tabloids.

The West Hollywood neighbours of the O.C. star called the emergency services early in the morning because of Mischa’s shouting, the police arrived quickly and took Barton to the hospital. In fact, Sergeant Duncan of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department informed that Ms Barton was looking good, she spoke coherent manner and she calmly agreed to be taken to the hospital for the further evaluation.

Mischa Barton and her next breakdown

Show business takes away a lot of the vigour and energy, the actors are nervous very much because of the competition. Every year does not add strength and energy, so by the age of 30 every young star has a staff of analysts and assistants to help cope with stress.

Related imageMischa Barton has always distinguished labile mentality and inability to control her emotions, she often plunged into depression, gained weight, loose weight and even became a professionally unfit person. It is worth to note that she is only 32 years old!

Another mental breakdown is not a surprise for the producers and colleagues, Ms Barton often feels no good and delaying the set of the movies.