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Modern-day ‘caveman’ has lived in cavern for 40 years

Modern-day ‘caveman’ has lived in cavern for 40 years

Pedro Luca is 79-year-old, last 40 years he survives in the cave in Tucuman province, Argentina. There’s no running water or electricity, the cavern situated high in a mountain. Pedro’s rifle is always ready to supply the caveman with the fresh meat. Sometimes, Luca heads on a three-hour trek down the mountain to the nearest settlement of San Pedro de Colalao.

For the caveman Pedro Luca, who lives in the cave in Tucuman mountain for 40 years the creek is a main source of water. “It’s the purest, richest water there is,” survivor says. His cave is quite comfortable, in the opinion of an owner: Luca keeps 11 roosters and two goats. Roosters wake Pedro up at 3 AM every morning, he starts a fire, and his day begins

“Fire is magical,” Pedro says laconically.

Caveman from Agrentina

Luca is a local legend, the nearest settlement San Pedro de Colalao knows about Luca and always ready to give him some food or supplies. Very rare, but the caveman buys candles, yeast and corn. How is a man making his living? He has a government old-age pension, that Pedro collects at the town’s post office, in average pension is about $100-$200.

Pedro told about his child dream, he always wanted to live in isolation in the wild. When he was 39, he decided to return to the wild nature in the mountain where he was grown up.