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Moldova denounced five defense agreements with the CIS.

Moldova denounced five defense agreements with the CIS.

The Parliament of Moldova, at a meeting on Friday, denounced five agreements with the Commonwealth of Independent States in the field of defense and security.

At a meeting on Friday, parliament members considered in the second and final reading the denunciation of a number of agreements with the CIS. Representatives of the opposition did not participate in the meeting.

“The projects were denounced by the votes of 60 deputies,” Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said at the meeting.

Thus, agreements were denounced on cooperation in the field of training specialists in anti-terrorist units, on mutual assistance in case of accidents and other exceptional situations at electric power facilities, on cooperation between CIS countries in the evacuation of their citizens from third countries in case of emergencies, as well as on providing support for border troops weapons, military equipment and other material resources.

In addition, the charter of the CIS Unified Institute for Nuclear Research was denounced. Parliament also annulled the agreement between Moldova and Russia on cooperation between the Ministry of National Security of the republic and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation in the field of information activities.

Since last year, the Moldovan authorities have been talking about the need to denounce a number of agreements with the CIS. The ministries intend to analyze all agreements with the CIS and denounce those that have become “ineffective,” hoping to replace them with bilateral agreements with countries that are members of the Commonwealth.