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Moldova will send a military contingent to the Saber Guardian 2023 exercises.

Moldova will send a military contingent to the Saber Guardian 2023 exercises.

The contingent of the National Army of Moldova is heading to Romania to participate in the Saber Guardian 2023 (SG23) maneuvers under the auspices of the US Army in Europe (USAREUR), the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic reports on Sunday.

SG23 is the largest and most multinational field exercise in Romania, led by USAREUR and the Joint Forces Command “General Ioan Emanoil Florescu” of the Romanian Army Defense Headquarters. The maneuvers will take place from 29 to 9 June simultaneously at military training grounds in the Romanian counties of Constanta, Ialomita, Brasov, Galati, Braila and Tulcea.

“The Moldovan military contingent, in particular the soldiers of the Stefan the Great motorized infantry brigade, is traveling to neighboring Romania to participate in the multinational SG23 maneuvers. The column of military equipment will move to Romania on Monday, May 29, we ask citizens to remain calm and refrain from video and photographing the movement of the army arsenal “, – the press service of the defense department of Moldova notes.

About 10 thousand military personnel from 13 allied and partner countries – Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Moldova, Montenegro, the United States of America, Poland, Portugal and the Netherlands participate in SG 23.


According to the constitution of Moldova, the republic has a neutral status, but since 1994 the country has been cooperating with NATO within the framework of an individual partnership plan. The information center of the alliance operates in the capital of Moldova, and in December 2017, a NATO liaison office was opened in Chisinau. Nevertheless, public opinion polls show that more than 60% of the Moldovan population opposes the country’s rapprochement with NATO.