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Moldovan farmers will receive financial assistance.

Moldovan farmers will receive financial assistance.

The Moldovan government at a meeting on Monday decided to allocate about $11.3 million to farmers to prevent the bankruptcy of 3,000 farmers, the press service of the Cabinet reported.

“The government will help micro and small farmers affected by the crisis by preventing their insolvency. In this regard, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated 200 million lei ($11.3 million), the money will be distributed through the Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture after collecting applications for assistance,” a statement posted on the government’s website says.

The financial amount set for each applicant will facilitate the processing and preparation of land for the next period, improve the financial situation and prevent bankruptcy. The authorities expect that about 3,000 farmers who own areas of up to 1,500 hectares will receive assistance.

On August 14, representatives of the “Power of Farmers” association held a warning picket near the government building, they insisted on a meeting with Prime Minister Dorin Rechan and Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Bolei. As a result, through the police, they were given an offer to make an appointment with the prime minister, which the agrarians perceived as “a mockery of the people.” On August 17, members of the association’s council were able to meet with Bolei to discuss their problems. The main demand of farmers concerns the introduction of a three-month moratorium, which will prohibit banks and lenders from charging interest for late payments on loans.

In June, Moldovan farmers took to the streets to protest to draw the attention of the authorities to their problems. They advocated a reduction in VAT on grains, demanded restrictions on grain imports from Ukraine, and wanted access to European funds for the agricultural sector and an increase in the national fund for agricultural development. The farmers also insisted on the allocation of compensation to them. After a series of strikes, including with the withdrawal of agricultural machinery to Chisinau, the government promised to help solve a number of problems, farmers announced a break until August 1.