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“Molecules Of U.S. Freedom” Trump Administration tries to improve the image of CO2

“Molecules Of U.S. Freedom” Trump Administration tries to improve the image of CO2

From a greenhouse gas to the symbol of freedom – carbon dioxide experienced fast “career progression” with the aid of Donald Trump administration.

According to Forbes, the Department of Energy recently called carbon dioxide “molecules of freedom”. The liquefied natural gas achieved a status of “freedom gas”.

New nicknames of these compounds appeared during the Tenth Clean Energy Ministerial in Vancouver. The event, called CEM10, gathered ministers, providing a platform for discussion of measures and achievements in the transition to the clean energy.

The term “freedom gas” was used in the reference to the Texas facility Freeport, which plans to start the international export of the produced LNG.

“By spreading freedom gas [we give] America’s allies a diverse and affordable source of clean energy,” said Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes.

Another official praised DOE’s decisions and efforts to support the spread of “molecules of U.S. freedom”. This term referred to carbon dioxide, according to Forbes.

Other participants of CEM10 were confused by this statement. The initiative includes 24 countries. Both foreign participants and involved American officials were surprised. Jay Inslee, the Governor of Washington, suggested the statement was a joke.

Carbon dioxide is less harmful than methane and some other greenhouse gasses, from the heating point of view – it’s one of the least contributors of the atmospheric warming. Scientists study the compound as a potential source of hydrogen, an efficient clean fuel, and other applications. However, carbon dioxide is still an ecologically harmful substance. Like the LNG, while cleaner than other fossil fuels, the natural gas is still non renewable and energy-consuming source.

The “freedom” is a habitual prefix for the American officials. First it was used in 2003 – insulted by the French invasion of Iraq, politicians proposed to rename French fries as “freedom fries”. The media suggest current “freedom gas” has the same patriotic purpose.