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Monica Bellucci can return as ‘Bond Girl’ along with Daniel Craig

Monica Bellucci can return as ‘Bond Girl’ along with Daniel Craig

Monica Bellucci’s agent told on Wednesday that the French-Italian star still made no decision regarding her role as James Bond girl in the next instalment.

Ms Bellucci is being coy about rumours that Daniel Craig wants her to reprise Lucia role from the last Bond outing, “Spectre,” in the new 007 movie. Monica was spotted on Tuesday evening in Rome, where she came to celebrate Virna Lisi lifetime achievement award. The beauty brunette smiled at reporters who were eager to know her answer to the ‘Bond Girl’ speculations, telling them: “I can’t say anything.”

In fact, the Italian actress has changed the vision of the Bond Girl forever when the 51-year-old Monica appeared in this role in “Spectre”.  Four years older than Craig, she made it clear at the time that she did not like the epithet.

“I can’t say I’m a Bond girl because I’m too mature to be a Bond girl. “I say ‘Bond lady,’ ‘Bond woman,’”

said  Bellucci.

Daniel Craig is ready to waiting for Monica as long as needed

Surprisingly, Bellucci’s performance in “Spectre” was more than successful. The 51-year-old actress proved that the mature woman is able to be a Bond girl and to look gorgeous. The critics were lamenting that Monica had been: i) “underused” in her role as Lucia Sciarra, the widow of an infamous Italian assassin, ii) was not given enough screen time in the film.

In any case, everyone is waiting for another appearance of Bellucci in the 007 franchise, while she is still hesitating. Daniel Craig insists on the Bellucci’s appearance more than others, he is not only a leading actor but producer.

Monica’s will next appear in Australian sci-fi horror film “Nekromancer,” directed by brothers Kiah and Tristan Roach-Turner. It will be her first role as a “truly evil” character, which sounds thrilling and intriguing.