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More Californians refuse to evacuate despite fire danger

More Californians refuse to evacuate despite fire danger

Californians prefer to stay in their homes despite fire danger, say the state authorities. Such a disturbing trend is strengthening last week, meanwhile fast-moving flames had ravaged pine forests near the California ski town of Wrightwood.

Californians want to stay their homes to protect them from looters, and this trend is disturbing the state authorities more and more. In Wrightwood, for example, more than 4,500 residents had heeded mandatory evacuation orders. Bit many Californians prefer to ignore it.

According to authorities, now California is experiencing the cruelest and most hazardous fire season on record. Despite safety’s resons, many homeowners are staying at their homes and dialing 911 for help. Such a behavior surprises a lot U.S. Forest Service teams. It’s obviously for Californians that fire crews aren’t always able to reach those who stay behind.

To leave or to stay during an infernal Californian fire is a personal decision, so residents just take the responsibility for staying at their homes.