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More Financial Institutions Provided Trump’s Financial Records to Congress

More Financial Institutions Provided Trump’s Financial Records to Congress

TD Bank and Wells Fargo gave Congress information, related to the financial activities of President Donald Trump. The papers were requested by the House investigators, specifically interested in the illegal relations with Russia and other foreign states.

Two sources, familiar with the investigations, reported NBC News about the actions of TD Bank and Wells Fargo. The last an abundant informational source, according to them. Several thousand papers were provided to the House Financial Services Committee. The institution’s chief, Rep. Maxine Waters, specifically focused on the president’s international business connections.

During his interview on MSNBC’s “Hardball” Wednesday, the man mentioned the importance of achieved documents. However, he said there was not any information that would be interesting to the public.

Congressional investigators expect papers of another two companies, Capital One and Deutsche Bank. They should provide papers, related to the Trump’s business, according to the federal judgment. The president’s family tried to block the process with the lawsuit. However, the congressional achieved a higher priority.

Waters and his colleagues focus on many financial institutions. They want to get papers from Morgan Stanley, The Royal Bank of Canada and other organizations. They reacted differently to the subpoenas. The Canadian bank complied with its requirement, while many institutions missed the deadline of May 6.

Achieved documents help investigators to understand Trump’s international financial relations. Deutsche Bank looks like the biggest lender of the president’s business. Trump Organization loaned about $2 billion from this institution; its current debt is estimated at $130 million.

Investigators suggest Trump’s business could use the U.S. financial system for illicit purposes.