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More than 30 police officers were injured during a Kurdish demonstration in Paris.

More than 30 police officers were injured during a Kurdish demonstration in Paris.

Eleven people were detained on Saturday during riots at a Kurdish rally in Paris, more than 30 law enforcement officers were injured, said Parisian police prefect Laurent Nunez.

On Saturday, thousands of Kurds took to the Place de la République in Paris to protest the shooting in the 10th arrondissement of the capital that killed three Kurdish activists on Friday. They consider the incident a terrorist attack against the Kurdish community. Protesters believe Turkey is behind the shooting.

The demonstration quickly turned into clashes with the police. Protesters smashed bus stops, overturned cars, set fire to furniture, garbage cans and broke cobblestones from the pavement, and then threw them at the police.

Law enforcement officers repeatedly used tear gas to disperse the crowd. Several people were injured in the clashes.


“Law enforcement detained 11 people for rioting … Dozens of protesters committed violent acts,” Nunez said.

According to him, 31 police officers were injured in the clashes.

In addition, as the prefect noted, dozens of shop windows were damaged during the riots, at least four cars were damaged, and one car was set on fire.

On Friday, a 69-year-old man opened fire on the street near the cultural center of the Kurds in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, he was detained. As a result of the shooting, three people were killed, two of the victims are in critical condition, and two more are in a state of moderate severity. According to a representative of the Kurdish community, three Kurdish activists were killed. The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the murder case.

The shooter admitted that he planned to attack the Kurdish community and that his actions were inspired by racial hatred.