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More than two thousand people took part in the march against NATO in Madrid

More than two thousand people took part in the march against NATO in Madrid

An anti-NATO rally was held in the center of Madrid, in which about 2.2 thousand people took part.

The march began near the Atocha train station, then its participants marched through the central streets to Plaza de España, demanding not to hold a meeting of NATO heads of state and government in Madrid and increase the country’s defense spending. One of their main slogans is “No to NATO“.

“NATO is in fact a highly aggressive alliance that fuels conflicts around the world and contributes to the militarization of our planet,” said one of the organizers of the march, accusing the alliance of “serving the interests of the richest states.”

Enar Moreno, a member of the United Left coalition in the Parliament of the Autonomous Community of Rioja, said in turn that European countries should have an independent position on the issue of resolving the conflict in Ukraine. He believes that the supply of weapons to Kyiv does not contribute to this.

Earlier, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis called on NATO to increase its presence on the eastern borders of the alliance. According to him, Russia is allegedly not interested in cooperation and dialogue with the military bloc, pursuing an “aggressive policy” and trying to “undermine the Euro-Atlantic security system.” From Landsbergis’ point of view, in such conditions, NATO needs to ensure that its eastern borders have combat-ready forces with well-established interaction.