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Most Americans think Biden is too old, poll shows.

Most Americans think Biden is too old, poll shows.

The majority of Americans who supported US President Joe Biden in the 2020 election now consider him too old to serve effectively as head of state, according to the results of a poll conducted by the New York Times in conjunction with the research organization Sienna College.

A “striking” 61% of Biden voters said the incumbent is too old to be an effective president, the poll found. Among all respondents, regardless of preferences in the last election, 73% share this opinion, with 45% of all respondents expressing confidence that Biden will not be able to do the job of leader of the United States.

It is noted that voters did not show the same concern about the age of former President Donald Trump, who is only four years younger than Biden.

The next US presidential election will be held in November 2024. Donald Trump and Nikki Haley are vying for the Republican nomination. Current American leader Joe Biden also stated that he intends to be re-elected from the Democratic Party.

Biden is the oldest US president, turning 81 on November 20. If he wins the election in 2024, he will be 82 at the time of taking office, and 86 at the end of his second term. The US President himself considers his age to be evidence of experience and insists on the absence of significant health problems. At the same time, those around him regularly take preventive measures to reduce the risk of another fall in public or manifestations of forgetfulness.