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Mother of police shooting suspect blames Black Lives Matter

Mother of police shooting suspect blames Black Lives Matter

The movement Black Lives Matter gives a surprising situation, many young people are just confused with this slogan, that’s why they start to act in an improper way. Mother of one of two central Pennsylvania teenagers, 17 and 18, blames Black Lives Matter. Her son was charged with shooting at police officers last week but he wasn’t actually.

Black Lives Matter movement becomes hotter and teenagers sometimes don’t understand it. Instead of thinking they are just acting, e.g., cousins Marquell Rentas (17) and Trenton Nace (18) were arrested for the shooting. They faced charges including attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer, that’s an extremely serious charge. Rentas’ mother blames in this situation with jailing the movement Black Lives Matter.

According to the mother of jailed teenager, Black Lives Matter is inspiring teens on the unbelievable things, often very stupid ones like “shoot at cops”. But District Attorney Craig Stedman expressed his own opinion:

“There’s a lot of rhetoric demonizing police. It creates greater a chance to have individuals emboldened to take violent actions out on police.”