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Multi-purpose chair allows users to work anywhere

Multi-purpose chair allows users to work anywhere

The lightweight workstations from Belgian designer could make it easier for businesses and schools to move meetings and classes outside. Amid pandemic, the chAIR helps to reduce the chances of pathogen transmission and offering some much-needed time outdoors.

A  folding chAIR is not ground-breaking technology, but that is the point. It allows users to work from anywhere with ease. The purpose of the innovative chair is to help people realise that moving work outside is easier than they think.

As the designers say, unlike other folding chairs, the chAIR’s 47.5 x 33.5 cm work surface is optimised for holding laptops and paperwork, rather than food and drink.

It looks like a common office chair with a fold-away work surface attached, the armrests and work surface are made of FSC bamboo, while the frame is constructed of durable aluminium. The entire chair weighs less than 6 kg and so is light enough to be carried anywhere.

De Smedt has also designed a backpack that can be used with the chAIR. It has more than 10 pockets, a separated computer interlayer for carrying a laptop, a USB charging port and waterproof fabric. It is also designed to make it easy to strap the chAIR on the back to create a complete digital nomad workstation.

In other words, people are able to take the chAIR in the car to be productive at any place. “Return home but first, share a beer with friends. Prepare your meeting for the next day by your baby’s bed,” De Smedt advises.