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Musk chose a side in the confrontation between Texas and Washington.

Musk chose a side in the confrontation between Texas and Washington.

American billionaire Elon Musk praised the idea of ​​Texas Governor Greg Abbott to be ready to defend the US border with Mexico on their own, even without the help of federal authorities led by President Joe Biden.

Abbott posted on his social media page X, sharing photos of the Texas National Guard. According to the governor, the National Guard continues to “hold the line” in the border town of Eagle Pass.

He promised that Texas will not give up efforts to secure the US border with Mexico even in the absence of Joe Biden.

“This is wonderful,” Musk wrote.

Earlier, the billionaire, commenting on the decision to remove the barbed wire fence from the border, accused the Biden administration of actively promoting illegal migration.

Texas authorities are in conflict with federal authorities over border security measures. For example, the US administration complained to the country’s supreme court against the state leadership after the National Guard blocked access to the border for federal patrols. Texas authorities insist the border is not being properly secured, leading to record numbers of illegal immigrants entering the US.

Washington calls the state’s actions unconstitutional and the measures excessive because, in particular, the law criminalizes what is already prohibited at the federal level. Texas authorities insist that federal legislation in this area does not work.