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Musk told where the fight with Zuckerberg could take place.

Musk told where the fight with Zuckerberg could take place.

American businessman Elon Musk said on his Twitter page that his fight with the head of Meta Corporation Mark Zuckerberg could take place at the Coliseum.

Musk previously tweeted that he was ready to fight Zuckerberg in a cage. Later, Zuckerberg invited the head of Tesla to send the location on his Instagram account. The Verge has confirmed that the message from the head of Meta is no joke.

“There is a chance that the fight will take place in the Colosseum,” Musk wrote.

Previously, Musk offered to fight in Las Vegas.

In addition, Musk previously trained in martial arts with renowned scientist, blogger, and black belt in jiu-jitsu Lex Friedman amid reports of an upcoming fight with the head of Meta Corporation.

In 2021, Facebook announced the renaming to Meta. Its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, said that the new brand focuses on the metaverse, where a person will refuse screens and will experience the effect of presence in virtual reality.

Twitter Inc. was founded in 2006 as a social network for the exchange of short messages. Elon Musk in the fall of 2022 finally closed the 44 billion deal to acquire it.