Today: Sunday, 21 April 2024 year

Myanmar has declared its interest in developing cooperation with Russia.

Myanmar has declared its interest in developing cooperation with Russia.

Myanmar is interested in developing cooperation with Russia, including in the field of economy, while many young residents of the country are learning Russian to continue their education in Russia, said Htu Paing Aung, board member of the Myanmar-Russian Friendship Association.

“We have minerals, but we need to get technologies for their extraction. Russia can just give it. Moscow helped us in the development of the economy and technology. We treat Russia with friendship, Russia always supports us,” he said.

Htu added that, at the same time, in Myanmar they know quite a bit about Russia, as well as in Russia about Myanmar.

“We are carrying out a number of projects, in particular, in culture, economics and the humanities. Little is known about Russia, about the Russian people, mainly about your government. We would also like the Russians to learn more about Myanmar, which we have country, what good and friendly people and how much we invite Russian tourists to rest,” he said.

A member of the board of the Myanmar-Russian Friendship Association added that more and more Myanmar youth have recently been learning Russian in order to study in Russia. He noted that the National State Academy of Myanmar would like to invite Russian teachers who can provide education in the field of technology.

“We really want this. Recently, the youth of Myanmar have been very active in wanting to learn Russian. They mainly want to study in Russia and study the language with great interest. Many go to study international relations, gain knowledge in the field of law and economics, and many are also interested military professions,” he said.