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Naomi Campbell: ‘I think about having children all the time’

Naomi Campbell: ‘I think about having children all the time’

Naomi Campbell, the top model of all times has offered a rare insight into her private life, she shared her thoughts about family and kids. The Black Panther confessed she always dreamed of a baby and still does, the science may help her with that.

Naomi is well-known for her bad temper and rather colourful personal life, of course, people remember her incredible runway walk and supermodel image. Ms Campbel started her modelling career three decades ago, but she is still A-lister of the fashion world.

Despite all the crowns and an incredible professional success, she always desired to be a mother. The recent interview with ES offered a rare insight into Naomi’s psyche, Black Panther admits she longs to become a mother and opening up about her experience as an addict, and her journey to recovery.

Naomi Campbell for ES , May 2017

‘I think about having children all the time. But now with the way science is I think I can do it when I want’, 

she explained and added that she wants to have a baby herself rather than adopt. The latter option at her age is much more possible, and the model confessed that it is may be as well. Maybe, she’ll adopt.

For Naomi, a baby is extremely important, but she notes she doesn’t want to be a single mother:

‘I do want a father figure. I think it’s important.’

Campbell’s adopted grandfather was Nelson Mandela, that was a real figure in the life of Naomi. She said he was her friend, mentor who sparked her passion for charity.