Today: Tuesday, 28 May 2024 year

NASA discovered 7 ‘Earthlike’ exoplanets

The NASA astronomers have discovered 7 exoplanets, which are look alike our Earth and can be habitable. According to NASA, a few alien planets that could potentially support life – sounds great and at the same time very thrilling.

The newly discovered 7 exoplanets could potentially support life, believes NASA after its report about the unbelievable news. According to the recent report of astrophysics, five exoplanets that are particularly promising are:

  • Wolf 1061C, a rocky exoplanet about the size of the Earth that is 13,8 light years away;
  • Gliese 832C, a larger planet dubbed a “super-Earth;”
  • Gliese 667Cc, which is 22light-yearss away in the Scorpius constellation;
  • TRAPPIST-1d located in the Aquarius constellation; and
  • Gliese 163C in the Dorado constellation.

Thus, above mentioned five stars are some of the closest to our Earth planets, the most interesting fact that these planets can be habitable. According to the NASA report, there are more than 2,000 planets that could be home to alien life. Sounds incredible but today, everything changed, even in the science.

NASA just held a press conference announcing the discovery of a solar system that has a host of Earth-sized planets. Three of these are located firmly in the habitable zone, meaning that they very likely have liquid water and could host life.