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NASA just found a lost spacecraft

NASA just found a lost spacecraft

NASA is very happy with its finding: the Agency just found a lost spacecraft Stereo-B. There’re a lot of lost gadgets in the space, but it’s real luck to find one of them.

NASA can tells the short history of lucky Stereo-B is follow: in October 2006, both Stereo-B and Stereo-A embarked on a two-year-long mission to provide measurements of the sun’s flow of energy to Earth. One of Stereos was lost in space, such things happen even with NASA.

The searching for Stereo-B started in October 1, 2014, after official losing contact with the team back on Earth. Everybody prefer to forget this spacecraft, but on August 21, 2016 scientists reestablished contact with lost Stereo-B. NASA has its special tool for tracking space missions (called Deep Space Network), which was able to lock on to the signal on Sunday.

Welcome back, Stereo-B!