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NASA’s news on Jupiter, Juno

NASA’s news on Jupiter, Juno

NASA announced its another success: on July 5th, Juno spacecraft capped a five-year journey to Jupiter at last. In fact, the spacecraft has the only one alternative ‘do-or-die’, what meant to sling itself into orbit for 20-month moving around the biggest planet in the solar system. Astrophysics specialists from NASA need to learn how and where it formed.

NASA planned to have Juno during the next three months, the spacecraft will help in studying what lies beneath Jupiter’s thick clouds, another point fo scientists are the mapping the huge magnetic fields of Jupiter. According to the lead mission astrophysics Scott Bolton:

“We’re there. We’re in orbit. We conquered Jupiter.”

Juno will look for evidence that Jupiter has a dense inner core, and make every 14 days the needed measurements. How much water the atmosphere has, for an instance. It is really important questions because the water is key for beginning the life.

The Juno spacecraft launched from Florida nearly five years ago. Only the Galileo spacecraft, has ever moved around Jupiter, which is itself orbited by 67 known moons. Scott Bolton assured that Juno’s possibilities are much more powerful, and this spacecraft is able to discover even more.