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NATO backed the “French-German” EU plan for Kosovo.

NATO backed the “French-German” EU plan for Kosovo.

NATO supports the West’s “French-German” plan for a settlement in Kosovo and Metohija, and expects that the leadership of Serbia will also support it, said Javier Kolomina, Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO.

On Monday, Kolomina was received in Belgrade by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.

“We know that there is a Franco-German proposal on the table, the proposal of the EU and NATO, which strongly supports the EU efforts in this matter. I have conveyed to your president and head of diplomacy Dacic that NATO will support this plan, and we expect Serbia to support the efforts EU,” Kolomina told reporters and added that he would report the same to the authorities in Pristina.

The assembly (parliament) of Serbia, after two days of debate with the participation of the president, on February 3 approved the government’s annual report on the negotiations on Kosovo and Metohija and the situation in the province. The President of Serbia announced to the parliamentarians 10 points of the program of the country’s leadership in the face of external pressure. Among them are the preservation of peace and stability, the demand to form a community of Serb communities in Kosovo and Metohija, ensuring the security of Kosovo Serbs, attracting foreign investment to Serbia, and so on.

Vučić repeatedly and clearly repeated that he “will never recognize the independence of Kosovo and is against the entry of Pristina into the UN.”