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NATO-funded Serbian researchers develop biofuel from algae

NATO-funded Serbian researchers develop biofuel from algae

The NATO Programme Science for Peace and Security (SPS) actively involved in the scientific work. The NATO-funded Belgrade’s Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in cooperation two more universities from UK and USA developed biofuel from algae.

Serbian Institute, Manchester University (UK), and Baylor University (USA) are going to accelerate the development of green technologies in the energy sector. The commercial production of biofuel from algae is the principal aim of the joint scientific project funded by NATO programme SPS.

Commercial production of biofuel from algae

NATO and Serbia continue their cooperation since 2007

The NATO Office in Belgrade has a great experience with the Serbian partners, many local scientists engaged on several important projects, including green technologies like biofuel from algae.

According to Brigadier Cesare Marinelli, Chief of the Office in Belgrade, NATO countries invest about 15 million euros in several trust funds which are helping Serbia safely destroy obsolete conventional weapons like landmines. The SPS Programme’s fund allows to re-train Serbian military personnel for civilian jobs and to encourage the prospective research that helps to promote the green technologies, improve cyber defence and energy security.