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NATO negotiations went well: Finland announces progress with Turkey

NATO negotiations went well: Finland announces progress with Turkey

The Finnish authorities were quite satisfied with the negotiations on the issue of joining NATO. Helsinki said that the talks went well and there is progress with Turkey.

This was announced on Friday by Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto. Earlier, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde made a similar statement. She stated that the parties reached an agreement to continue the dialogue in a constructive manner.

Earlier Sweden and Finland announced their intention to join NATO. However, Turkey opposed this. The reason for her protest was political contradictions. Stockholm and Helsinki support the PKK, which Ankara considers terrorist.

The United States, which has set itself the goal of moving NATO as close as possible to the borders of Russia, immediately expressed concern. After that, negotiations were held with the participation of Turkey, Finland and Sweden. Nothing is known about the outcome of the talks.

Russia has previously stated that the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO will not strengthen, but will weaken the security of these countries. By joining a military bloc hostile to Moscow, they will immediately become a threat, so Russia will have to take measures to protect itself.