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NATO will ask the members of the alliance to build up stockpiles of weapons.

NATO will ask the members of the alliance to build up stockpiles of weapons.

NATO is going to ask the member countries of the alliance to increase their stockpiles of weapons, which have been seriously depleted due to the events in Ukraine.

Even before February 2022, many NATO countries were not meeting stockpile targets “because officials believed that wars of attrition with large-scale artillery battles were a thing of the past.”

However, the scale of arms supplies to Ukraine has depleted the stocks of Western countries.

And the increase in defense production is constrained by a number of factors, including the global shortage of semiconductors, certain types of raw materials and the problem of finding a sufficient number of highly qualified workers.

“If Europe had to go to war with Russia, some countries would run out of ammunition in a matter of days,” said one European diplomat.

According to an unnamed NATO official, the alliance has just completed a study of the remaining stockpiles of weapons. He noted that NATO is likely to increase the target level for its members in terms of stockpiles of weapons.

“It will be an absolute shock if the targets (indicators) … are not raised,” he said.

According to a NATO official, the biggest shortages are 155mm projectiles, HIMARS missiles and ammunition for air defense systems such as IRIS-T, Patriot and Gepard, which are actively used by Ukrainian forces.

Decisions on targets for stockpiles of ammunition for members of the alliance are expected at the NATO summit, which will be held in Lithuania in July.

However, according to NATO, resupply can take a long time.

“I don’t think that over the next year our reserves will increase significantly. Any additional reserves that we have, we will transfer to Ukraine,” the alliance official said.