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Natural wood, LEGO-like blocks offer a sustainable alternative

Natural wood, LEGO-like blocks offer a sustainable alternative

The Mokulock blocks really look like the classical LEGO blocks but the first made of wood and could be the next generation of sustainable toys for kids.

While LEGO, Mechano and Yo-Yos become classic, they can be made more sustainable, said the Japanese toy manufacturer Mokulock. Commenting on its recently created alternative type of building block made from wood. As Springwise says, the sustainably sourced timber should be healthier for kids, indeed.

To create its sustainable LEGO alternative blocks, Mokulock used Japanese Cherry, Japanese Zelkova, Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia, Birch, Hornbeam, and Maple trees. Some of the blocks also come engraved with quirky scenes and characters for children to integrate into their buildings.

The Japanese company says that it values ​​the idea of nurturing the hearts of children. “Similar to forest bathing, wood has the same healing effect, lowering blood pressure, reducing pulse disturbance, calming the feelings … and by making it into a block shape, It can also be expected to enhance the imagination given to everyone and the ability to create something out of nothing,” the statement reads.