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Naturally fluorescent frog found in Amazon basin

Naturally fluorescent frog found in Amazon basin

A team of Brazilian biologists has found the unique frog in Amazon basin, Hypsiboas punctatus naturally fluorescents. The study of this kind of amphibian published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The unusual fluorescent ability of the Amazon frog made the scientists find out the reason of it. According to the recent study published in PNAS, fluorescence is not the same as bioluminescence. The amphibia Hypsiboas punctatus has three special molecules like hyloin-L1, L2 and G1, each has a ring and a hydrocarbon chain, which is unlike known molecules that cause other creatures to be fluorescent.

In the wild nature, these frogs fluorescent because they are is able to absorb short wavelength light and re-emit it as longer wavelength light, informs. The similar fluorescence is observed in a variety of ocean creatures, including sharks, corals and sea turtles—and in a few land animals such as scorpions and parrots.

Naturally fluorescent frog

Wild nature is full of unexpected discoveries and the enigmatical creatures, the abilities of which are still astounding the scientists from all over the world.