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Russia demands the departure of the Latvian ambassador within two weeks

Russia demands the departure of the Latvian ambassador within two weeks

Moscow ordered Latvian Ambassador Maris Riekstins to leave Russia within two weeks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.
It is specified that today the Latvian Foreign Ministry summoned the charge d’affaires of Latvia because of the decision of Riga to lower the level of diplomatic relations between the countries. The ministry expressed a strong protest to her and stressed that the rationale for such a step with references to some kind of “solidarity” with other Baltic countries is not accepted.

The department noted that “solidarity” between these states lies in total Russophobia and the desire to initiate hostile steps against Moscow. This desire, in turn, is actively encouraged by the United States and other countries unfriendly to Russia, the Foreign Ministry stressed.

“At the same time, the Latvian VPD was told that as soon as a fundamental decision was made, we do not consider it necessary to wait until the date indicated by Riga (February 24. – Ed.) for the completion of their missions by the ambassadors. Ambassador Riekstins of Latvia was ordered to leave the Russian Federation within two weeks “, the ministry said.

The Foreign Ministry said that Riga’s provocative demarche to lower the level of diplomatic relations would have consequences. At the same time, the department noted that all responsibility for the current situation lies with the leadership of the republic. They added that relations between the countries have already been largely destroyed by the destructive line of the ruling elite of Latvia. This includes, among other things, the complete cleansing of the Russian-language information space, the elimination of the Soviet memorial and cultural heritage, as well as the criminal prosecution of compatriots.