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Nero’s palace reopens to the public in Rome

Nero’s palace reopens to the public in Rome

The cultural heritage of Rome is hard to underestimate, the city authorities do a lot for keeping it for the generations to come. Another Museum was reopened after the refreshments, The Local Italy reported on Monday. Emperor Nero’s palace becomes available for the visitors from Monday to Friday, according to the website.

Nero’s palace was designed to provide respite from baking summer heat, and the eccentric emperor would likely have sat on a marble throne facing a line of fountains, under the shade of a silken canopy, according to archaeologists. despite the luxury of that palace, Nero did not have long to enjoy the Domus Transitoria (Transit House), so-called because it allowed him to transitare (walk through) the area from the Palatine to the Esquiline hills.

On a summer’s night in July 64 AD a fire broke out in Rome that would rage for nine days and reduce much of the Eternal City to rubble. The ruins of the palace show traces of that immense blaze. Almost all of the columns, floors and marble walls at the Nero’s most famous palace were removed to build baths for another emperor, Trajan.

Nero’s palace as one of the most popular Rome’s sightseeing

Rome, the Eternal City, inherited the great lay of culture, and Nero’s palace is of the most visited places. The best-preserved parts of the complex are the toilets, most likely used by construction workers for the Domus Aurea. The walls are painted red to hide the dirt, and a channel running along the ground once carried water that would have wetted sponges on sticks used to clean nether regions.

After renovation, the building is recreated in two video installations and a 3D virtual reality experience. The archaeological park’s director believes that tourists will definitely enjoy Nero’s palace. Visitors will experience the emperor’s architectural genius and experimentation in marble and pictorial decorations.

The picturesque ruins are opened for visiting from Friday to Monday by small groups of 12 at a time, the official site writes.