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Netanyahu called the Israeli military operation in Rafah inevitable.

Netanyahu called the Israeli military operation in Rafah inevitable.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an interview with CBS, said that a military operation in the city of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip is inevitable, and the pause in hostilities discussed at the negotiations can only delay it.

The US is urging Israelis not to enter Rafah, which has become the main center for refugees from the rest of the enclave, without a “credible” plan to ensure the safety of the million Palestinians now living there.

“If we have a deal, it will be delayed somewhat, but it will happen anyway. If there is no deal, we will still carry it out,” Netanyahu said.

According to him, with the start of the operation in Rafah, Israel will be “weeks, not months” away from a complete victory over the Hamas movement ruling in the Gaza Strip. He noted that after the interview he was going to a meeting at the general headquarters, where a “double plan” would be discussed – the evacuation of the civilian population from Rafah and military operations against Hamas.


US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan previously confirmed reports of progress at negotiations in Paris, where “the basic outlines of a deal to release hostages in exchange for a temporary truce” were determined, and expressed hope for reaching final agreements in the coming days.

The White House previously said that the success of the negotiations could suspend hostilities in the Gaza Strip for up to a month and a half. The US remains opposed to a permanent ceasefire.