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Netanyahu pledges ‘immediate’ annexation steps if re-elected

Netanyahu pledges ‘immediate’ annexation steps if re-elected

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu listed his priorities after signing a “historic” defence treaty with the United States, Arabian News reported.

Netanyahu pledged Sunday that if re-elected he would annex swathes of the occupied West Bank within weeks. The prime minister gave an interview to the local radio and said many interesting things on the annexation of the Jordan Valley and other parts of the West Bank. He included these actions on top priority list “four major immediate missions.”

“That will happen within weeks, two months at the most, I hope. The joint US-Israeli mapping committee started work a week ago,” Netanyahu added.

The so-called ‘deal of the century’ gave the Jewish state a green light to annex the area and proposed a committee to set out the exact borders of the territory to be annexed.

PM Netanyahu has repeatedly pledged to stop the Islamic republic from developing a nuclear weapon and has not ruled out the use of force. He has also acted to roll back Iranian and allied forces active in neighbouring Syria.

Prior to starting the elections, Netanyahu on Sunday said that his fourth “immediate” goal if he wins another term — despite facing trial on multiple corruption charges — would be major economic reform to bring down Israel’s high cost of living.

As the recent opinion polls showed, the right-wing Netanyahu and his centrist rival Benny Gantz still come neck and neck in Monday’s vote.