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Netanyahu’s office spoke about his condition after hospitalization.

Netanyahu’s office spoke about his condition after hospitalization.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s medical indicators after additional tests are within normal limits, he feels well and should be discharged from the hospital on Sunday, the prime minister’s office said.

“This morning, Prime Minister Netanyahu continued to undergo examinations at the Sheba Medical Center. His indicators are normal, his condition is very good, and he is expected to be discharged today,” the statement said.

On Saturday, Netanyahu arrived at the emergency room of the Sheba hospital in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. The Israeli Prime Minister’s office reported that Netanyahu is feeling well and is being examined. The initial diagnosis was dehydration, the office added.

Later, a video message from Netanyahu from the hospital was published, in which the Israeli prime minister spoke about a recent trip to Lake Kinneret in the north of the country, where he spent a long time in the sun without a hat and without enough water.


On Saturday evening, it became known that the weekly Sunday meeting of the cabinet chaired by Netanyahu was postponed to Monday, and the prime minister himself remained overnight in the hospital under the supervision of doctors.