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Netflix: Olivia Colman will replace Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown

Netflix: Olivia Colman will replace Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown

Olivia Colman, The Night Manager star, will replace Claire Foy in the series about Queen Elizabeth II, confirmed Netflix bosses.

Emmy nominee Claire Foy, the actress who wonderfully played the role of young Elizabeth II in Netflix drama The Crown is stepping down. The seasons 3 and 4 will tell the life story of mature Queen, so the TV-series has found its new star.

The Netflix drama has tapped British actress Olivia Colman will take over the role of a British monarch, this actress is known for her roles in the upcoming Murder on the Orient Express and 2016 miniseries The Night Manager. Last year, she even won a Golden Globe for her supporting performance in AMC’s miniseries.

The Crown, next seasons

The Crown became the extremely popular TV-series from the first its episodes, the acting work of Claire Foy was astounding. Each season follows roughly a decade in the life of Elizabeth II, and producers planned from the outset to recast their lead roles after season 2. The new season is expected to roughly cover from 1957 to 1964.

So, gifted Claire Foy reprises her role in the upcoming second season of the drama, which will be released by Netflix on Dec. 8.

Another good news for the fans of The Crown is the joining the cast for the new episodes are Matthew Goode (Lord Snowdon, a photographer married Princess Margaret) and Michael C. Hall (as none other than John F. Kennedy). Undoubtedly, these actors will add some style and drive to the historical drama about the life and love of the British monarch who is the long-reigned queen on the planet.