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Netflix’ s Maniac will get no season 2

Netflix’ s Maniac will get no season 2

Netflix’s Maniac is over after the first season, DigitalSpy reported. An attempt to differentiate Maniac from the Norwegian series upon which it’s based was definitely unlucky.

Netflix’s cooperation with the perspective Cary Fukunaga and Patrick Somerville has ended with just one Maniac season, the bosses preferred not to prolong TV show. Everything about Maniac was unusual, from its huge range in episode lengths to the creators’ reluctance to talk to Netflix about bringing the show back for more episodes.

Cary Fukunaga whose True Detective was a really brilliant series, was asked if there have been negotiations about another season with Netflix, Somerville told The Hollywood Reporter:

“No. This was always planned as a limited series, and I think that’s another reason why we had the freedom to have a more hopeful ending. A lot of times on TV, you have to throw your characters into distress again near the end to buy the next season, and we don’t have to do that.”

According to Cary Fukunaga who was recently appointed as a new James Bond director, working with Netflix is a tremendous amount of energy and imagination to just to make a new show. He thinks part of why Maniac had that improvisational feeling along the way was knowing that this is it. Actually, it is really hard to tell the story of two strangers (Emma Stone and Jonah Hill) who take part in a very questionable pharmaceutical trial.