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New evidence in Epstein’s case credits Trump with using his services.

New evidence in Epstein’s case credits Trump with using his services.

In a new batch of published documents in the case of financier Jeffrey Epstein, accused of trafficking in minors, former US Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are credited with using the services of girls from his entourage.

The published documents include a petition to the court by the lawyer of one of the defendants in the case, in which he cites letters from Sarah Ransom, who spoke out against Epstine. In an email correspondence with a journalist, Ransom mentions Clinton and Trump, threatening to “expose” them, while the lawyer points out that the nature and style of the messages indicate the woman’s mental instability and the impossibility of accepting her arguments.

In the letters, Ransom calls Trump a “pedophile,” threatening to prevent him or his 2016 rival, the “evil” Hillary Clinton, from becoming president of the United States. According to Ransom, she was friends with a girl who was “one of many who had a sexual relationship with Trump” and allegedly gave details of the alleged moments of intimacy.

Ransom insists that another friend of hers “had sexual relations with Clinton, Prince Andrew and (British entrepreneur) Richard Branson, in each case videotaped.” Ransom allegedly saved the alleged videos on USB drives and sent them “to various places throughout Europe.” Subsequently, she refused to provide these materials, citing the lack of consent of the girls, and in conversations with journalists she refused to say anything about her intentions.
The woman also claims that in 2008, her friend was allegedly interacted with by Secret Service agents sent by Hillary Clinton, who was then fighting for the Democratic nomination in the presidential race against Barack Obama. At the same time, Hillary Clinton did receive Secret Service protection at the time as one of the candidates, but her influence over the agents was likely limited – the administration was headed by Republican George W. Bush, and she lost the nomination to Obama. Subsequently, Ransom said, her unnamed friend allegedly received hush money from the Clinton Foundation.

A US court previously published a list of persons involved in the case of financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison, who was accused of trafficking children for the purpose of sexual exploitation. According to the documents, one of the witnesses testified that he was present during the interaction between Epstein, his girlfriend Ghilaine Maxwell, Britain’s Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre, who years later said that the Duke of York raped her when she was 17 years old.

Another witness claims that Prince Andrew was on Epstina Island. The unnamed woman’s application to join the civil suit says Prince Andrew gained access to her as a result of Maxwell’s mediation.

Epstin was charged in the United States with trafficking of minors for the purpose of sexual exploitation, which carries up to 40 years in prison, and conspiracy to engage in such trafficking, which carries up to five years in prison. In early July 2019, a Manhattan court in New York, after hearing Epstein’s testimony, decided to keep him in custody and not release him on bail. At the end of July, it became known that Epstine was found in a prison cell “in a semi-conscious state”; he later died. The investigation showed that he committed suicide.